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"i lost my faith to this town that don't exist "
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i used to be an avid user of this website like. in 2016 and then i kinda dipped but i made a new account a few days ago :D so if u wanna be my friend there and check the anime ive watched take a look!!

ive watched 183 anime shows................ thats too many man u can really see i dont have a life but anyway................ at least most of them are rlly cool

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my dropped shows jump from dropped to on hold to watching all the time :P i need to dedicate some time to watching one piece!!! and i wanna get into jjba! i've been watching anime since i was really young so i ended up dropping some shows at that age, naruto was one of my dropped shows for a while and that's kind of funny. idk how i feel regarding boruto because i rlly hated it and only put up with it because of naruto being one of my fave animes lmao thank you for all the suggestions omg!!!!!

Jaden Desmond

ayo the list goes kinda hard tho
I see you dropped jjba, understandable, it's not for everyone though I like it.
the my hero academia fandom may be awful but season 2 episode 10 is one of my all-time favourite episodes of anything ever
boruto is kinda trash so probs drop that. stick to the ending in naruto, its better.
and one piece. I know the first episodes are dull, especially with Usopp, but everything after episode 50 is uphill and it never stops. there is a reason its the most successful