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hows everyones day?????

recently my town passed an ordinance about being required to wear masks indoors and there was a live stream of the zoom call on youtube and the amount of comments that were like... amazingly fucking stupid stunned me. i know i live in a southern state but wow i had no idea some people were so fucking dense. there were people commenting that this was all a hoax funded by george soros and bill gates and i just wanted to fucking curbstomp them. literally one of the council members in the call had the virus. how are you THIS FUCKING STUPID???? god i hate people. i wish a meteoroid just fucking slammed into the earth already.

i need a fucking white monster energy. NOW.

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@Obnoxiouscore omg that is fucking horrible but i believe it because im near a bunch of beach towns and apparently they have lots of reservations and im just like ????? WHO THE FUCK WOULD ENJOY TRAVELING RIGHT NOW LIKE IM FUCKING SCARED TO GO TO THE GROCERY STORE


I'm from a southern state as well and work in a hotel that doesn't allow locals.... If I had 50 cents for every person that came in claiming how all of this was a hoax, I would have officially been given a raise.