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"I don't lose to raccoons, I'm the alpha raccoon."
21 years old
United States
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show me how to do css

I have been working on this all day ToT

It's not going well

I'm struggling

I've figured out how to do lots of HTML stuff by now, but what on earth is CSS?? Why can't I make it work?? LOL

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job finding is hard

god being an adult... yikes. i haven't moved out yet, because my parents are letting me stay while i finish my degree so i don't have quite so much debt. still, i'm planning on moving out within the next year or so, so i need a more stable job. every time a student cancels, my paycheck is screwed. not to mention, i can hardly get new students. i work like... nine hours a week right now.

i've applied for jobs, but i haven't heard back from any of them yet. a few rejection emails, but in fairness, they were jobs i was expecting them from. i really hope the local school district gets back to me. i'd love to get that office clerk job. that would be a great stepping stone in-between things for right now. they wouldn't let me add a cover letter, though, and i really wish i could get that chance to explain why i'm a perfect fit. it's still got me nervous.

i need to finish my cover letter for the editing job, too. still haven't done it, though. yikes.

why is being a grown up so stressful T-T i'm not ready for this.

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