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"I don't lose to raccoons, I'm the alpha raccoon."
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job finding is hard

god being an adult... yikes. i haven't moved out yet, because my parents are letting me stay while i finish my degree so i don't have quite so much debt. still, i'm planning on moving out within the next year or so, so i need a more stable job. every time a student cancels, my paycheck is screwed. not to mention, i can hardly get new students. i work like... nine hours a week right now.

i've applied for jobs, but i haven't heard back from any of them yet. a few rejection emails, but in fairness, they were jobs i was expecting them from. i really hope the local school district gets back to me. i'd love to get that office clerk job. that would be a great stepping stone in-between things for right now. they wouldn't let me add a cover letter, though, and i really wish i could get that chance to explain why i'm a perfect fit. it's still got me nervous.

i need to finish my cover letter for the editing job, too. still haven't done it, though. yikes.

why is being a grown up so stressful T-T i'm not ready for this.

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