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"Very Pog System "
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18 years old
United Kingdom
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System Confusion

We're currently blurry, or at least used to be, but now I'm struggling to tell if I am Elliot, and if I am Elliot am I alone, and if I'm not alone who's with me? And if Elliot/me(?) isn't here, then who exactly am I? Part of me feels like I might be a new fictive but also I don't completely feel like that- which could be because there's two of us. If it is who I think it is then we did split, which is never fun or good, and now we'll have to spend time trying to come to a proper conclusion. We're also going through all of this while on a call with our friends, and they're all singlets so they won't really know what to do. they are all upset that I'm not really talking or anything with them, but I currently don't seem to have the ability to care, which is more evidence that I may be a new fictive of Dexter Morgan- but I can't quite tell yet.

  • Possibly Elliot, possibly new alter Dexter, possibly neither or both
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