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PhantomSystem's Blog

"Very Pog System "
Gender Fluid
18 years old
United Kingdom
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Alter Introduction- Elliot (Host)

Hi! I'm Elliot, I'm 18, and I'm the host of the Phantom System.
I use he/they/it/xe/vamp/zom pronouns and more (which can be found on my pronouny under the name jamesisabeekeeper)
I love criminal minds, american horror story, resident evil, deadly premonition, dexter, and a whole lot more (these interests will probably change a lot tho lmao so dont expect these to always be true
I'm in a band called Ducks For Communism as one of the singers
I also like to play on my switch and spend half my time scrolling through tik tok
Feel free to say hello to me on any of my socials on my page

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