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9 years old
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kins? bc god is dead

rei kiriyama

idk man hes sad vibing and his glasses r cool

edward elric

you cant tell me he doesnt have adhd or some other sort of neurodivergence. mf literally jus goes hyperfocus brrrrr w/ alchemy shit. idk if this one is that accurate what so ever (i think milk is quite pleasurable) but the hyperfixation says choose an fma character or perish. i have a problem

psmd partner

little adhd rat child cant make frien then get frien (the ending isn't real ive decided. its a dumb plot twist.)


adhd rat child no. 3,, u can probably notice a pattern here


i had bit of a beastars phase? i totally did n o t project onto quiet wolf boy at all. nosiree. the herbivore fetish stuff is a little weird (i regret to inform you that i am not unbelievably horny to the point where i will beat the shit out of people to protect the subject of my horny) but hes still babey. gosha best grandpa

maybe adhd/otherwise neurodivergent childe? i never really took the time to create beastars hcs

emma (tpn)

i like her absurd amount of optimism. good childe :] also adhd childe no. 4 (bruh i should stop counting at this point all these mfs are some sorta neurodivergent)

yuu (girls' last tour)

no thoughts head empty
we stan


he in da woods

kel (OMORI)


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