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9 years old
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coolebic List of Nostalgiac Things

im still technically child but here are things that make me nostalgiac

pokemon mystery dungeon

if my css doesnt say it already, pmd my childhood
used to throw dirt on PSMD partner n im sorry i was probably projecting :pensive: ampharos still creepy stink man tho.
probably further ignited my enjoyment of Sad Stories. initially heard abt it cuz candyevie said it was sad



i used to say things like "floof boi" n im not sorry. likely a result of pmd making me like sad endings then me seeing that it had sad ending. used to think popka was a girl bc i was projecting n then i found out he a boy n its like,, looking back wow my trans ass rlly was projecting n didnt realizee
leorina lowkey stannable
guntz is kinda sus (edgy little furry man)


digimon tamers

makes me happy,, watched it when i was a tiny little 11 yo still makes me v happby even now. also watched it bc i heard it was sad

guilmon is ultimate babey dont @ me


kagerou project

little bitch abbey me found vocaloid thro jubyphonic covers of kagerou proj songs
jap songs still major bangers even if i dont like eng. covers


i think little me just rlly liked Sad Things ngl

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