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"romeo, romeo, wherefore art thou, romeo?"
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13 years old
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I dislike my father

Remember Paris? Yeah, my father is making me marry him now. I wish I could tell him I am with someone else, but this must be kept a secret. I went to Friar Laurence for advise, and he gave me a plan of action. He gave me a poison mixture to make me appear dead for 48 hours. 2 days, 48 hours, 2880 minutes, 172,800 seconds. All ways to say that is too much time to be away from Romeo. I already miss him so much, why must I stay in this half- dead slumber for that long amount of time? Will I starve? Will I become dehydrated? Will I break out? What will happen to me in those 48 hours? I hope for the best.

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