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"romeo, romeo, wherefore art thou, romeo?"
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This is Juliet's nurse talking. Juliet is dead. I have not read these blog posts of hers quite yet, but we will be hosting a grand funeral for her soon. Here is a quick summery of the past 2 days.

She drank some sort of poison to put her in a dormant state for some unforeseen reason.
Her true lover Romeo found out.
He bought poison.
He drank it in from of her newly awaken body, just for her to truly die next to him.
I hope they can finally be happy together in heaven. They deserve it.

Here is a news article with more information. They used a very old picture of her, so do not mind that.

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I dislike my father

Remember Paris? Yeah, my father is making me marry him now. I wish I could tell him I am with someone else, but this must be kept a secret. I went to Friar Laurence for advise, and he gave me a plan of action. He gave me a poison mixture to make me appear dead for 48 hours. 2 days, 48 hours, 2880 minutes, 172,800 seconds. All ways to say that is too much time to be away from Romeo. I already miss him so much, why must I stay in this half- dead slumber for that long amount of time? Will I starve? Will I become dehydrated? Will I break out? What will happen to me in those 48 hours? I hope for the best.

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Tybalt, R.I.P.

I'm in shock. Utter shock. My cousin Tybalt just got killed. By the one I love. Oh how I wish this feud would end... Life would be much easier. My dear Romeo... Killed Tybalt... But I guess Tybalt did start the fight. He also killed Romeo's best friend Mercutio... So this must mean karma is a very real thing. But the prince... He... He banished my Romeo from Verona. What must I do? I'm now sad and lonely, and I miss them both dearly.

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Why must it be this way... I was getting ready for bed, then the nurse came into my room. She said, "That boy I saw you with, at the fish tank? His name is Romeo. But he is a Montague! You know you should not mingle with a Montague!" I told her to leave. My worst enemy... Is the one I love. How twisted is that. I went to the pool to think about what happened that night, and there he appeared! Out of no where! He was even more stunning up close and personal. Much more happened, but I think I want to keep that a secret between the two of us. Anyways, here's a picture of him -


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A party

There was a party tonight... And I do in fact enjoy love at first sight. He was absolutely stunning. The most beautiful knight you could ever see. I saw him through a fish tank at first. But then I was taken away from him, only for him to follow me out to the main room. There were many people there, and two of them had their eye's on me romantically. I was forced to dance with my father's choice, Paris. He couldn't retain my attention. I had my eyes glued to this boy all night. I want to know who he is. How shall I find him again?

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