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aceee_06's Blog

"sup? n_n"
Trans Male
14 years old
United States
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(characters i heavily relate to) (heavy comforts)
the joxter // moomins (books + anime)
four/x // bfdi/bfb (series)
meta knight // kirby (game + manga + anime)
bandy andy // paper mario; the thousand year door (game)
bobby (bob-omb) // paper mario; the origami kind (game)
devil cookie // cookie run; ovenbreak (game)
eric // the mitchells vs. the machines (movie)
(characters i semi-relate to) (semi-heavy comforts)
shuichi saihara // dangonronpa v3; killing harmony (game)
crazy redd // animal crossing (game)
the snatcher // a hat in time (game)
tallest purple // invader zim (series + movie)
metal sonic // sonic the hedgehog (game + comics)
(other characters) (heavy/semi relates and comforts)
zim // invader zim (series + movie) (heavy-relate + heavy-comfort)
pal // the mitchells vs. the machines (movie) (semi-relate + heavy comfort)
hank j. wimbleton // madness combat (series + game) (semi-relate + SUPER heavy comfort)
tricky the clown // madness combat (series + game) (SUPER heavy-relate + SUPER heavy comfort)

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