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"sup? n_n"
Trans Male
14 years old
United States
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about me :]

hello! my name is ace Kaylyn! :33

i go by he/they/xe pronouns!!! i am a trans male (ftm), who wishes to transition :)

you can call me other names such as meta or hank!!!! (kin names also allowed ^w^)

i absolutely love drawing until my hand drops, and not a day goes by where i don't draw anything. it is my biggest passion and comfort, and i want it to be my career.
along my passion for art, i enjoy gaming!! (minecraft, friday night funkin', castle crashers, etc) sometimes i write stories or do little beep boop music!!! there are tons of small hobbies

i face multiple mental illnesses :( such as major depression, generalized anxiety.
++ i am also a neurodivergent person who suffers with untreated adhd. i easily get sensitive and cry out a lot of emotions to people i meet. however, i am coping with my disorders and helping myself to be a better person. :]
i adore talking about multiple fandoms and interests!!! i do like to self-insert or make characters to make me thrive with these interests so you'll see a lot of fandom-related ocs often by me!! i am a big oc/canon person who hates cringe culture!!!!
i'll add more when needed!!! hopefully u know me a bit better!

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