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"Blessed Be!"
19 years old
United States
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Hiya! I've been wanting to reach out to people who are into film, photography, punk music, and witchcraft. I don't really have many friends in these areas and I've been wanting to be able to write, develop, and encourage each other in these fields. If anyone would like to work on something together maybe or even want to talk about any of these things, I'd happily welcome the conversation!
Especially cuz I've been really into wanting to make a riot grrl type film with great poc and lgbtq+ representation about girl rage and witchcraft that's accurate.(Especially in the witch community!) A lot of my inspiration is coming from The Craft, Assasination Nation, Birds of Brey, Daria, and The Craft: Legacy.
I'd be really happy to discuss ideas for feedback, and if possible, even work with some people for music, writing, prop making, sfx making in video, etc. (Bonus points if we can even meet up!) Then hopefully be able to submit it to some film festivals. I've already entered and won a few minor local ones and even got to be in the finals for a more "sophisticated" one. Although I didn't win, it was really exciting and would love to that again. If anyone would like to just discuss ideas, contribute or even compete against each other for fun, I'd be really excited!

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okay wait but that's so cool ahh!! i dont know much ab those fields but i do love songwriting (although not too experienced w punk music)/writing in general and script writing's always been an interest of mine! i dont think i'd be able to help much cause my parents are strict so rn im mostly limited to communication here on myspace via my chromebook of all things ☠️ but i'd love to support any work u have and will release in the future :PP


i was born into a family of practicing witches hmu