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❝ studies 2.0 ᵕ̈

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here's another study tips from me !! this is just another one since I got lots and also bc I was offline for a while and decided to make one. another note, yes it is hard to get up and study and do whatever you need to do but just know that small steps are massive progress bc no matter how small it is, the more consistent you are, the results are worth everything.
<3. reflecting on your decisions. just imagine, you need to do your homework that is due tomorrow but you decide to binge watch on netflix. if you start to do your homework you can watch netflix after but if you watch netflix now but forget to do homework, your grades goes down. this also goes to sleeping, you either sleep or keep watching, you either get a good night sleep and have a glowing face or waking up stressed with puffy eyes knowing you did nothing last night and ur late for school. these decisions you make matter.
<3. imagining the future. imagine what will happen if u didnt do your homework, you get nothing down and boom no good grades BUT if u imagined finishing it with NO distractions, you got yourself extra creds and good grades at same time! this also goes to eating and trying losing weight, although eat whatever the fock u want atleast have a good 10,000 steps everyday and 8 cups of water LOL.
<3. follow motivational youtube channels, tiktok accs, insta accs. i did this in my insta and youtube and trust me, this saved my life on being able to get my life together. they're not just showing how their life works or how successful they are, they are promoting motivation and successfulness if you did a single study session. watch study vlogs, tips, accs that even make studying an aesthetic and boom!
<3. what really worked for me and getting my life together with dem grades were just cutting off social media, yes i do have it but i wouldnt say i spend all day texting people and doing whatever the fock im wasting my time on. it also gave me a small selfcare treatment and realizing how good life was if i wasnt in bed all day wasting my time.
<3. this is all i have rn since im tiredd but ill add more to this soon, if you need a study buddy or a motivational partner i will always be here for you, never give up !! @danisha_jazleen on insta / bobbysworld#1406 on discord :))

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