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❝ studies ᵕ̈

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if you know me irl u know i study alot and since some people struggle on school and find it hard to focus on school, i'll be sharing tips/motivation to start getting your foot back to studying and getting straight As ! :)
quick note, i also myself is learning so no i don't get straight As all the time, we make mistakes all the time and it's fine! we can always work on it next time to achieve it <3
<3. 8 hours of sleep, always have a good sleep schedule. you're not just preventing yourself from getting acne but you're also giving your brain sleep that way the next day your mind will be ready for studying !! this is one of the best habits to have so if you're trying to adapt a good habit, this one's for you !!
<3. WATER !!! always stay hydrated all the time throughout the day. it has so many benefits for your body and brain !! always good to have water beside you when you're doing homework or studying !! TRUSTT MEE, YOU'LL NOT JUST BE ACTIVE BUT YOU'LL BE LOOKING FINEE!!
<3. have a schedule for studying. have a good preferably schedule for you throughout the day for studying, it can even be just for 20 mins, 1 hour or more. revise revise revise !! if you have no motivation to do any work or studies, make sure to check my motivation blog out !!
have a clean and good space for studying. you don't want to study in a place where you don't feel motivated in, decorate your study space with pens, books and cute posters and stickers!! make it aes ! <3
<3. read read read !! whether it's just some fanfiction, manga or a novel read read read at least 20 mins everyday !! get your brain working !! (will honestly help you out in English)if you're that lazy, try reading online books !!
<3. watch some motivating videos or movies. trust me, you're not just watching them live their life but you're slowly and surely convincing yourself that one day that will be YOU, and it will happen. videos and movies help you start getting productive and motivated to do work. watch khan academy if you're stuck on work you don't understand and start asking more !!
<3. find people who will motivate you, get people to have study sessions with and find ones who will support you for your dreams. think of me as one of your people who will motivate you!! no one can stopp you !! <33
<3. no distactions. i know this one is hard but one day you won't regret getting up from bed and start cleaning your room, getting ready to study because let me tell you, no one will be there except you and if you keep grinding the people you watch that are "aes" and "motivated" are the ones who are by themselves grinding too. you can always go back to watching, listening, playing on your phones later am i right ??
that would be it for now, i will try make another one soon but if you're still struggling never hurt to dm me on here or on insta @danisha_jazleen or in discord bobbys world#1406. i will help you succeed your goals and help you get up from your bed and start grinding!! <33

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