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"I'm not actually an asshole, just wanna be one"
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Log #2

Today was my dear sweet mothers birthday, I made her a cake because im a broke ass bitch who cant afford a present. As I type this I realize my life is really fucking boring. Maybe I should use these blogs to post my little story blurbs of my ocs? IDFK, here I'll just throw a small part to the beginning of one of my blurbs here.
Snow came down in flurries, cars on the road were in a hurry to get to their destinations before accidents started happening. Stella was no different.
Anxiously she tapped her foot in the passenger seat of the car, every now and again asking Silas to speed up.
“I cant go any faster than this..” His dull voice said each time, which only added to her frustrations.
“This guys better have my goods or so help me.” she muttered bringing her thumb to her mouth only for it to get slapped down my Silas.
“Stop that..”
A few more moments of silence before the car was stopped.
“We’re here.”
“Finally!” Stella hurried out of the car and looked at the building they had parked in front of. It was a motel, very average at that.
Silas climbed out after her and they both approached one of the rooms, knocking on the door.
A greasy man, short and stout answered the door.
“What took you so long?” His voice was just as greasy as him, maybe more.
“Snow.” Silas threw his thumb over his shoulder, bringing attention to the flurries now seeming to be coming down harder
“Of course.” the man said motioning for them to come inside.
“You have it dont you?” Stella furrowed her brows in annoyance.
“Yes yes, all in good time, princess. But where the money.”
Silas took a contraption out of his pocket and held it out, the man smirked pulling out his own holding it toward Silas’s. A loud beep was heard and both put their items away.
“Now then-“ the man started but was cut of by a less than patient Stella
“You have your money now hand over whats ours.”
The man sighed and pulled a case out from under the mattress. “So impatient.” he tutted opening the case for the two to see.
A small chip sat inside, “Its all there, now go on. Take it.”
Stella picked it up and inspected it. “Woah not bad for a fake.” she whistled
“Fake?” The man barked angrily “It’s the real deal!”
“Silas.” She sighed setting the chip back down. The man only nodded pulling a gun from his sleeve. Shooting the man square smack in the skull.
They picked up the contraption from earlier from his pocket and walked out.
“Geez, I’m so tired of getting scammed.”
“We’ll find it soon.” Silas said getting back into the car.
“I sure hope so..”

Cool, now that you read that-or maybe you didn't, whatever. But yeah uh this was a small rough draft for the beginning of some of my oc's story. Or at least one of the stories so. Yeah.

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