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"I'm not actually an asshole, just wanna be one"
1 years old
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I'm really fucking tired but here we fucking go anyway. I think bio's need to look nice but the info format is...bleh. This seems more human so, Hi. The names Pluto, and as you can guess, I'm on this site because I have like seven friends and only one or two of them are irl. So hmu, ig. Heads up though I'm dogshit at keeping convo's but if you wanna get me to talk ask me, uh idk, about my interests? What? I haven't told you my interest. Well I guess I ave but those weren't very specific now were they? Hehe, alright well, since you wanna know so bad; Omori, Sk8 the Infinity, Homestuck, Undertale, Apex legends, Overwatch, Persona (really only 5 atm but i'm getting to the others.), Hypnosis Mic, Fairytail, Obey me, Mystic messenger, Fire emblem (only three houses for now but ya),Genshin Impact, Pokemon, Night in the woods, Detroit become human, Danganronpa (i'm not weird about it tho i promise), The promise neverland, FNAF, YTTD, FNF,. Wow are you still reading? Cool, because thats not all but I'm too lazy to write more.And if none of those are to your liking, i'm all down to be swayed into another interest or two. What else is there to me? Uhm, ig I can be annoying but isn't everyone? Ok cool, so thats all for rn. I'll probably make more serious blogs after this. Or maybe not and I'll shit post the hell out of this place. Who knows? If you wanna know something else about me, message me you coward. Or you know ig comment it and I can get to it later. Cool ok, I'm gonna stop typing now.

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