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28th dec or 29th dec 2020

so, i wanna talk about something that was the most terrifying experience i had in my entire life in croatia.
one day, in 28th day of dec 2020 or 29th (i forgot..) i was eating dinner. and in 12:20, an earthquake happend. only the vases i had only broke. some did, but some didnt. and the power and the internet was off. but since my a31 samsung galaxy had a simcard, so i still had access to the internet, but it wasnt really good.....
i putted the broken vases inside a bag so i wont trip on them or hurt myself by walking on them.
since it was night, i needed to light up some candles and needed a flashlight so i can see.
altough, my laptop was still alive (it was 99%) and sincerely, i cannot charge my phone or my laptop. so i thought that this was the end of my life... but something happend.
the power, and internet came back. and i was..happy. i thought it was just gonna be no power and internet the whole day, but i was wrong.
its happy to see my comfort zone back. dont worry!! i didnt got any injuries. only the vases fell and nothing else.
some other places got the earthquake aswell, but it was a really BIG one. mine here wasnt really big. it was.. 6,3. not a really big number for a earthquake. some people lost their houses and stuff they had for so long from the earthquake in other places in my country. and its super sad to see that.
the building i live in didnt got any cracks or anything else.
i survived from that experience.. it was terrifying :(

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That’s crazy scary, I’m glad you are safe now.


owww, its good that you didint get any injuries! in Chile there are a lot of earthquakes so i undesrtand how you feel u.u




omg, good thing you didnt get hurt- earthquakes suck and i was on a staircase when one hit lmfaoo