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"actively spitting Taco Bell slander"
30 years old
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Squicks & Triggers

Things That make me uncomfortable and/or trigger any sort of negative response from me whatsoever are entailed in this blog. I figured I should let anyone who hangs around my page/interacts with me know things not to bring up/be careful when mentioning as to avoid any problems (for myself of course.) Discomforts are marked with a "🔌" emoji, and triggers with a "💀."

  1. The characters Katsuki Bakugo & Ilulu Seiyuu 🔌 (Roleplayers of these characters DNI please, kinnies are okay, just don't send any death threats my way please /hj)
  2. Overexaggerated sexual anatomy in art 🔌
  3. Pedophillic/Necrophillic behavior 🔌/💀 (Jokes are okay-ish, but will still make me rather uncomfy.)
  4. Genuinely bashing me for my interests/comforts 💀
  5. Yelling directed towards me 💀
  6. Asking/talking about healthy parent/child relationships 💀
  7. People who give off a problematic vibe and don't clear up their tone using tags 🔌
  8. Replying to any of my vents with jokes 🔌/💀 (The response to such varies.)
  9. The pained screams of small children/animals 💀 (I don't react well to this at all.)
  10. The default iPhone alarm sound 💀 (I am scared to DEATH of it okay?)
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