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"actively spitting Taco Bell slander"
30 years old
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I lost my tablet pen.

V sadge, I guess this means no doodling for me. >8(

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sorry for being so inactive lately, not feelin' the best.


New CSS, Maybe?

Okay so like last night whilst grinding plants vs. zombies I had the idea to rework my page to fit the look of the old xbox 360 dashboard? (Not the current modern design, the colorful-looking old one, the original one, from like 2005.) It'll probably be a long process, but should I replace my current css with it one day?


fnf ocs

Okay so like I brained up these two bastards I may or may not one day make an entire mod for and I have NO CLUE what to name these fuckers. Funny guy and his ugly ass demon/gremlin pet go brr lmao



Themes to use.

Okay so like I've been fucking around with css on an alt of mine for a while and I've created a few themes I have no use for. What better way to use them than to put them up for others to use? Okay I'll stop talking, here's the documents for them lmao. please make sure to give credit if you do use any of them though. No I do not own any images used to make these themes, nor do I take credit for them. {I FORGOT TO SAY NONE OF THESE THEMES ARE MOBILE SAFE I THINK AAA}

  1. Hamtaro Theme: --> Click here for document <--
    (Example image broken, give me a moment to restore it)

  2. Rainbow Dash Theme: --> Click here for document <--
    (Example images broken, give me a moment to restore them...)

  3. Glitchcore(ish?) Theme (with 4s epilepsy warning bc i don't like hurting people yknowz B( ): --> Click here for document <--
    (Example images broken, give me a moment to restore them...)

  4. ENA Theme: --> Click here for document <--
    (Example images broken, give me a moment to restore them...)


Squicks & Triggers

Things That make me uncomfortable and/or trigger any sort of negative response from me whatsoever are entailed in this blog. I figured I should let anyone who hangs around my page/interacts with me know things not to bring up/be careful when mentioning as to avoid any problems (for myself of course.) Discomforts are marked with a "🔌" emoji, and triggers with a "💀."

  1. The characters Katsuki Bakugo & Ilulu Seiyuu 🔌 (Roleplayers of these characters DNI please, kinnies are okay, just don't send any death threats my way please /hj)
  2. Overexaggerated sexual anatomy in art 🔌
  3. Pedophillic/Necrophillic behavior 🔌/💀 (Jokes are okay-ish, but will still make me rather uncomfy.)
  4. Genuinely bashing me for my interests/comforts 💀
  5. Yelling directed towards me 💀
  6. Asking/talking about healthy parent/child relationships 💀
  7. People who give off a problematic vibe and don't clear up their tone using tags 🔌
  8. Replying to any of my vents with jokes 🔌/💀 (The response to such varies.)
  9. The pained screams of small children/animals 💀 (I don't react well to this at all.)
  10. The default iPhone alarm sound 💀 (I am scared to DEATH of it okay?)
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More art (cw: gore)

Woo, this stuff is old. This all dates back to around late 2020-ish, found in the depths of my drive (few of them were already shared elsewhere.)

https://i.imgur.com/DB9qhdH.jpg https://i.imgur.com/isN00KI.jpg https://i.imgur.com/kYRzfbc.jpg https://i.imgur.com/0wf1zki.jpg https://i.imgur.com/kbfO00r.png