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"warning : shy person"
12 years old
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diary 2

Wednesday 10th of 2021 ; 10:08 pm - 10:38
I honestly feel like I'm happier when my parents are gone . i can listen to whatever i want ex : mask of my own face , and i can say what i want ex : piss and idiot . but the fun part is i wont get in trouble , unless they’re on the camera .
I played my arson playlist for my teacher/therapist (???) ms. Tarr , she liked it alot . She said that I was a good DJ , and that she’d take me to meet her DJ friend .
My friends (hiro , not really yen) decided to go to california . i think it’s a good place . Well any place from here is good . i wanna take a plane but yen says planes are boring . I still say planes , I think they are cool .
Sometimes i feel paranoid (i think that's how you use that word , idk ?) about my future . I mean like , Things could not work out . Or me and my friends could have a big fight and then the whole plan fails .
Kevinkempt said the word “pisskink” . After mentioning the word pisskink , i think it's very funny . i hate chiaki tho , she says i have a pisskink . WHICH I DON’T ! I have no kink but a praise kink and a degrading kink .
Sometimes I think that it was my fault for being kicked out BUT it's not my fault , she keeps forcing us to do things we don't want to . THEN she lies . I NEVER LIED TO HER BUT SHE LIES ABOUT ME . i would never EVER in my EXISTENCE tell someone to DIE . but when they see her telling someone to die they think “oh no , well it's not my problem” . IT'S ALWAYS THE GROUP LEADER THAT GETS ALL THE LOVE AND ATTENTION . I hate people who use and force people , they are the worst . not the worst of the worst cuz i kinda forced my friends to watch danganronpa only cuz im obsessed . but really come on .
Still talking about her . making someone change yourself is so horrible , just because you don't like what they like doesn't mean you should change it to what that you like . that makes you a toxic person . i’m glad you blocked me , i wanna talk about it but i also don’t want to . i want to solve this problem but i can’t . nothing will change her mind . i hate her . i would say sorry if she respected my pronouns but NoOOoOooOOoOooo !
I hope i really can live with my friends !
Punctuation is hard so I tried to add !’s and ?’s

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ooooh sounds interesting , i'll try getting it tho im grounded and my parents dont trust me so :,)


you should get the game ‘ rainy attic room ‘ i think you’d like it after reading this