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"warning : shy person"
12 years old
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Tuesday march 9th of 2021 ; 6:29 pm- 6:49 pm :
I started this diary as a future note taking thing and to write down my thoughts . as any normal person would . i have never had a dairy , so idk what to do with it
I’m trying to keep this as neat as i can keep it . the day i change anything about me that's not my age , i’ll have to add it instead of change it (i might change this later) .
My friends' parents are harsh , I wanna go to high school and college with them , hopefully they can come . I want to grow with them , that is my motivation to get good grades . I've also changed my mind about college now that I have a better understanding of the world . i’m gonna go to college unless my friends decide not to go , i hope that it’s a good one , as long as it’s something we can all do ex : drawing , backing , or if there’s an exploring one . Those are my big choices , one’s where it’s mainly fun but still hard .
I'm thinking about not having a youtube channel for now until I come up with good content , so for now discord is good .
Could I live a good life without trying anything big and dangerous ? i hope so ! living with my friends sounds fun .
I don’t like using punctuation other than “.” so i’m gonna try and start
1 l1k3 t4lk1ug l1k3 th15 15 fnu

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