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"simping for Jet like its my day job "
5 years old
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k so today has had some weird vibes (might update on that later)
but the vibes have been on and off, like i woke up with a bad vibe and then i checked my phone to see my daily good morning message from the best person ever (huehue) and then i was like "woah, this is some good vibes". THEN i had to check out school stuff which was hecca killin my vibes n then oh lawd, i showed Beanie the CSS a friend and i put together for their MySpace and they liked it so the vibes were totally vibing again. but then i got an email from a teacher putting me in some dumb feminist class or something so i emailed her like "scooz me mizz but am not sposed 2 b here" and she was like "2 bad B)" and DISABLED THE FRICKEN LEAVE BUTTON!!! (excuse my language)
so i took it to twitter to rant about her because im not about that life sis XP. so then i realised i hadnt eaten today and made some yummy chicken and rice for brunch and had cucumber water to accompany this delicious meal. now im just chilling with my piggies, snickerdoodle is doing zoomies up and down me so its kinda hard to type, lemme let her say soemthin.

=========szzzzzzzzz sjcssssss ~ snickerdoodle

anyways, might update this more later, later haters <3

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