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"simping for Jet like its my day job "
5 years old
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hello there

i dunno, i just wanted to write a small post about me and what not so hello, The names Chris.
im 16 years old and i live in ireland, dublin to be exact. its not the best but i enjoy the area mostly.
i really enjoy art, like its kinda my whole life to be fully honest. if you ever wanna check me put i'll out my insta on my page or dm me :)
i also write a lot of stories so if you enjoy reading you should become my friend for free fanfics/epic stories !! with that i also roleplay :D i love roleplaying, its just story writing but make it multiplayer! so hmu if you wanna rp!!
im generally online 24/7 so if youre bored we can be bored together and make some good bored vibes.
im really into sci-fi and techy stuff as well as horror, i couldnt really think of a theme for my page but idk, rn its kinda chill so yeah

anyways thanks for reading and i hope we can be really good friends <333

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