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"how may i romance you?"
9 years old
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𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐲 𝐈𝐕.

i decided that i would try and 'do the right thing' by heading back to monster high to try and make up for my mistakes. i thought if i hid in the shadows and helped the couples of mh, you know, be a cupid to what was my destruction of love, i could make a difference and they would see that i was a changed monster. well, my intentions were good, but things did not go as i had planned. i kinda... no, did mess things up. luckily it all seemed to work out in the end i guess, just not as i had hoped. i don't think draculaura or any of her friends will ever really trust me. and while i hope one day they can see i have changed, i know it will take time too. i guess i can't expect them to just forgive me right away. i will say one good thing hopefully came out of it. while attempting to hide in the shadows i bumped into a student i didn't recognize. he said his name was spelldon cauldronello. he had only been at mh a couple of weeks as he had been travelling with his older sister. meeting him totally made me space out and forget to send a text that was supposed to help clawd. he asked if i went to mh and i said i was just visiting, but i would love to go to mh if i can. he said he'd keep me up on the groanings on around school if i wanted, so i gave him my number. at least the trip wasn't a total stake. i do wish i could figure out how to make it up to draculaura and her friends, though i now know that real friends help each other with their problems, not try to solve them for them.

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