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"im goth be my friend <3"
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100 years old
United States
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! sVmm4ry 0f m3 !

Online i'm goth, duh. but i'm pretty yk internetty but um when you talk to me privately im more laid back, crazy, idk but i wont give out my name, just call me k0shix, maybe i'll get a fake name for this, i hate my real one anyways. but anyways im really just figuring out my sexuality and gender yk im still young.. im hoping to make a good friend on here ! but uhh i have a fat black cat, hes super cute and i dont really listen to certain bands just songs lol. please someone just dm me and be my friend because i dont have any goth/emo/scene/alt friends yk. except one but she doesnt really talk to me anymore. but yeahh. ily all <3

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