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"im goth be my friend <3"
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100 years old
United States
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! cl34n!ng my dvng30n !

soo uhhhh im trynna clean my room so i can go to my friends teehee... the only emo friend i mentioned before. she got myspace go add her uhh yeah she is @vxspo um yeah but uh im trynna clean my shit room . i removed every can in my room which COVERED my kitchen counter and it barely made a dent. im working hard tho and yeah. luv yall byeee ^^ <3

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! drvgs !

my brother gave me a vuse alto a few months ago and has refilled it for me and stuff but then i found another in the park and took it. ive smoked weed before multiple times and its way better but something abt vaping is addicting, i do not recommend it. im hooked on and idek what to do but idc cuz fuck it. my friend sells dmt and im not gunna buy any (i think) jkjk im poor but uh yeah.

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! f1gur1ng mys3lf 0vt !

so uhh in my first blog i mentioned how im figuring out my sexuality/gender and i think i might be cupiosexual which is feeling sexually attracted to people but not romantically attracted to anyone if i understand it right. i never really ^love^ anyone and stuff but i do feel sexually attracted to every gender. ofc not everyone but people i find physically attracted to. so guys PLEASE dont fall in love w me ik its really hard but pls dont ;) and with my gender idrk.. maybe she/they or just they/them? neo pronouns? ill just wait and see yk... well yeah ill edit this and keep yall updated.

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! sVmm4ry 0f m3 !

Online i'm goth, duh. but i'm pretty yk internetty but um when you talk to me privately im more laid back, crazy, idk but i wont give out my name, just call me k0shix, maybe i'll get a fake name for this, i hate my real one anyways. but anyways im really just figuring out my sexuality and gender yk im still young.. im hoping to make a good friend on here ! but uhh i have a fat black cat, hes super cute and i dont really listen to certain bands just songs lol. please someone just dm me and be my friend because i dont have any goth/emo/scene/alt friends yk. except one but she doesnt really talk to me anymore. but yeahh. ily all <3

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