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18 years old
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Why I'm not so active anymore

Over the time that I was very active here, this place sadly slowly turned into a stressful one. Now, this is not targeted at anyone, you all have wonderful pages with great css, and this is about smth you cant control.

When I first joined we had this first generation of users basically. Or at least a previous generation, from before this site blew up on tiktok. And it was very chill, just some emos vibing. But as it has grown, some of the cooler people left, and everyone has brought over some stressors from their corner of the web. And i think that just doesnt work for me.

The reason i fell in love w/ this site is that it let me dive into 2006-8 and that eras vibes. But ever since new aesthetics and subcultures nested in, that illusions been broken and so is my joy from being here.

That doesn't mean I don't like this community-i do. It's just stressful

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Basically what I'm trying to say is this was like a refuge from the new internet for me but that no longer works. I don't blame anyone tho!! I'm glad lots of people get to enjoy being here