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18 years old
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More music recs!!

  • the receiving end of sirens (NOT related to sleeping with sirens!)
  • the regrettes
  • cocteau twins (gothic legends)
  • fugazi (most important american punk band ever)

Will add more!

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Why I'm not so active anymore

Over the time that I was very active here, this place sadly slowly turned into a stressful one. Now, this is not targeted at anyone, you all have wonderful pages with great css, and this is about smth you cant control.

When I first joined we had this first generation of users basically. Or at least a previous generation, from before this site blew up on tiktok. And it was very chill, just some emos vibing. But as it has grown, some of the cooler people left, and everyone has brought over some stressors from their corner of the web. And i think that just doesnt work for me.

The reason i fell in love w/ this site is that it let me dive into 2006-8 and that eras vibes. But ever since new aesthetics and subcultures nested in, that illusions been broken and so is my joy from being here.

That doesn't mean I don't like this community-i do. It's just stressful

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Music recs (will update)

  • Sunny Day Real Estate (Gerard was a fan :3)
  • The Get Up Kids (James Dewees the mcr tour keyboard guy used to be there)
  • The Promise Ring
  • Taking Back Sunday
  • Creeper (they were compared to MCR so much they BROKE UP and CAME BACK IN 2019 JUST LIKE MCR)
  • The Used
  • Rites of Spring (the FIRST EMO BAND EVERRR)
  • Cursive
  • The Murderburgers
  • Saves the Day
  • Finch
  • Jimmy Eat World
  • Mineral
  • Snail Mail
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • The Young Veins (Ryan's band!!!)
  • The Brobecks
  • Destroy Boys
  • Say Anything
  • Story of the Year
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Lost the game

I just lost the game XD your turn!x3



Gradients are a v cool CSS feature that I didn't know about until now.

So for example if you want a gradient that goes from black on the left to cyan on the right you'd use this:


The deg thing is how it's rotated so for example 45deg would be diagonal, and the hex codes are the colours at the end (i think u can use hex codes 2 but i prefer these)

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Fun thngs @ skool

  1. My classm8s used to vape. A lot. In class. One time they caused a literal mango flavoured fog in our classroom
  2. I sit not just in the back but also in a distant corner and there's a spot behind me that's hard to see and I'd sometimes mix myself a cuba libre there
  3. We also kept instand noodles n coffee n a kettle there n would make some when no one was looking
  4. I once hid a carton of milk in another classroom. They found it 4 monthz l8r
  5. I used to play cities skylines in spanish class cuz i just knew all of it anyway
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About me!!

i like catz. im one also

my favourite band is my chemical romance (obviously)
i also listen to p!atd and fob and all time low and taking back sunday and pierce the veil and green day

i like emo fashion and sc3n3 fashion both and i want to be like them but im also poor xD and i live in a small flat with family and i dont want them to see

i also like meme songs like r1ck r011 and moskau moskau and shr3k fr33s7y13 r4p

im losing my mind xD