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13 years old
Czech Republic
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the reason why i hate spring

the answer is simple; because of last years spring. many problems between parents that are still ongoing, my anorexia showing and it affecting my body greatly, my depression and my first medication...to put it simply, it just brings pain.

oh and how could i forgot about easter? i am an atheist and i live in an originally very christian country. tha worst thing about it is this one pervy tradition with guys going to see all the girls in their neighboring houses to whip their asses with wooden sticks. us, girls, are supposed to thank them for that and give them something in exchange like an egg or a chocolate.
WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT NASTY ASS WHITE OLD MAN MADE THAT A TRADITION? ive experienced it many times and even if i didnt give my consent i got my ass smacked. im supposed to thank them for that AND give them something too???
i swear this country is a piece of shit...and dont even get me started on the discrimination of romani people in here.
anyways thats a story for another time. overall, i hate spring. hope yall dont cause it can be a really pretty season and i wish that you can experience it to the fullest.

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That's interesting 😆 I agree, it sounds like perv tradition. Sorry about to the anorexia, it's a hell of a disease.