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back to being a female...?

so far i have been identifying as non-binary. however, i've come to a very important realization...that i actually dont feel like that. why is that so? well, ever since i was a kid i was known as a tomboy (later on it turned into internalized misogyny). as time passed by, gender norms got more andmore into my head. logically, my brain started thinking that what i was doing wasnt "considered" female. that's where my non-binary journey started.
now, where did i got the idea that this was not me? from grace wandervaal, to be honest. she came up with a new song don't assume what you don't know. it is about how when she shaved her hair people started assuming shit about her and that's when it hit me. just because i do something that is not particulary "feminine" i can still be female. the only thing that matters are my feelings.
has anybody else come through a realization like that too?
ps: here is the song :)

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