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Honey_Cherry's Blog

"I'm cracked out"
69 years old
United States
Last Login: 1624564021000
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If your gonna add me

-If you wanna message me, don't be afraid I'm pretty friendly, also if your gonna add me on discord add me on here first.
-I reply quick, if I don't then am probably not online
-Am really weird and curse a lot, if your not comfortable with that, then don't message me or look at my blogs
-I joke a lot and wont take things serious
-Sometimes I may come off as rude
-I may get to comfortable with you to the point I'll share my Kinks, Dreams, Or just start flirting with you
-I listen to music most of the time, I can give you suggestions
-I wont make the first move, so if your gonna text me I will not message you first (sorry)
-Don't be dry, If you text me with "hello, how was your day?" 😐 no, I won't block you but I'll reply with the same way you texted me
That's all :)

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I appreciate the boldness