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"I'm cracked out"
69 years old
United States
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Bitches I simp for

First on my list is Sukuna, Hes fucking hot, I would suck on his toes dirty or not I'll suck them
Gojo comes in second, his eyes are so fucking beautiful, I'd give him 🧠 😩✊ make sure I don't walk the next day
Toji.. like look at them milkers they look lonely
Next is Itadori I would take a hit for him, I just wanna hug him. He can PUNCH me in the face no complaints
Tendou can run me over with a truck, I won't get mad (maybe a little) I'll be happy I got ran over by a hot dude
Ushijima makes my Ushy gushy 🤭😳
Every one in Haikyuu and Jujutsu Kaisen can hit it for free, no payments needed ALSO Nanami is hot cant prove me wrong like look at the dude
(I have other ones, but there embarrassing all i can say is they're murders not from the movies 😩🤭)
Legoshi... He can eat me OUT 😩
Jack 🤭

Also comfort Characters
Oikawa Tooru comes first because he always on my mind, I relate to him a bit too much
Tamaki Amajiki I don't know how to explain, just find comfort in him
Nanami Kento I find him like a dad figure don't ask me why, but just seeing him brings me at ease (I know I said I'd fuck him)
Choso same reason with Tamaki
Lat but not least
Ticci Toby don't ask me ask the internet, at this point I'm desperate I somehow found comfort

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