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12 years old
United States
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Hello Hello!!! Due to summer break I will be offline A LOT and will only be on when I go through my phone, I broke my personal lap top so I have been using my desktop but it's old and slow and sucks ass. I only have a few friends on here but I still wanna keep in-touch, msg me and I'll tell you my discord since I don't wanna share it anymore bc I have been getting and over whelming amount of request and I don't want people to think I'm ignoring them so if we usually talk everyday so I'll give you my discord!!! If you don't have discord I have my email bc I do check that a lot, if you have other ways of communication without sharing our numbers I would be happy to use it :) . Anyway I'll miss you all and will see you in two months. I will be online tomorro and 2 days after that I will be back online then I will stop being online except for when I check it every few weeks. So pls msg me if you want my discord and or email.

Anyway ,I love you all, b-bye!!

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Hope you have an amazing summer <33