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16 years old
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story time hehe(kinda vent)

Ok so this is kinda a vent bc why not but also a story time
So i was at my best friends house for a sleepover and she decided we gonna talk with her friends on discord and then there was one guy that kept asking for my snapchat so i gave him it but it was worse bc he wants to be a cop and also im a minor but he's 19 and he keeps flirting with me.

There was other guy that my best friend is in a relationship with,he also asked for my snapchat and yesterday he asked if he wants a ,,threesome" with me and my friend.

But there's more.There is one i was joking about that he is a simp,yesterday(valentines day)when i came back from my best friends house and i went on a vc our other friend kept giving signs that he is a simp and comparing himself to sherlock just becouse he watched the series (not me here cringed bc me fan of the books)and i basicly knew from the beginning becouse of the tone of his voice(of the guy who we call a simp)and couple of other actions and when it was like almost midnight i got a messege from him when i was watching a dream smp video.It was a message about how he thinks im cool and he like likes me and he thanks the other friend that he convinced me he is a simp and that we could maybe do a ft date(the last bit is from when i asked him if he wants on a ft date like very sarcasticly but he didn't get it i guess)

to top it off
they all don't know im nonbinary and keep saying ,,girl" which keeps hurting me sooo.
also i broke up with one person day before valentines becouse we had nothing in common and i didn't like them anymore
sooo ye

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Im sorry for you :((