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Am I the impostor?

Everything feels so bland and boring. My interactions with people are little and despite my lack of any physical activity I just feel so... tired all the time; drained, sounds about right.
I feel like I've had the ever-loving life sucked out of me. From what, you ask? well, from nothing. Everything feels so slow and yet I can't help but feel like I'm wasting time. I've lost interest in so much stuff.
Things aren't that fun when you don't have anyone to share them with.

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omg i feel this way very often,like nothing has a purpose anymore ,talking to people feels like a meh all the time ,the conversations get boring so fast ,nothing is fun anymore n bro,i dont fking feel being the protagonist of my own life ,its like i just see things happen ,idk .Anyway ,i have the little hope that things gonna get better,,,they have to

Michael Scott

You're not alone. Many people, especially teenagers, feel this way. I recommend exercising everyday, you can run or play a sport. Believe it or not, exercising can actually increase productivity and make you feel energetic! Make sure to drink 2L of water everyday too.
And always remember you are not alone, and things will get better!


I get this feeling a lot, also I would def be talking to you as usual, but I have sadly passed away :(


i know how it feels, the whole situation the world is in at the moment is just bleh i feel like i'm wasting my time on earth in a way, like i'm not doing enough things that i can look back on in the future and be like "wow, remember when i did that? that was fun"
everything sucks, and it's no fun being alone, but at least we're all alone together amirite?

Nah Dude

damn I feel u on that one. My only advice is to meditate and try to see things for what they are. Maybe things are becoming boring because you are comparing them to how fun they used to be. I don’t know how to explain it but I really believe that could be a solution
maybe we could do more stuff together in this community? Like play games together more or something. I know it’s not the same but maybe it could be something
feel free to hmu if you want to talk about any of this, like fr. Those are my


if you have nothing but leisure in life you become desensitized to it. go for a walk clean a room, lift something really heavy, try and break a world record, hold your breath as long as possible, try to understand quantum physyics , wash the dishes, just do SOMTHING


having less physical activity makes me more tired too for some reason. sometimes taking a walk helps, if u can. but i hope u feel better soon, ur not alone :)


i feel this a lot actually wow
i've definitely grown apart from a lot of my friends over the past few months...
n it's hard 2 make online friends as well
i just feel so bleh all the time n it's hard 2 fix, i understand
but if you'd ever like 2 talk my dms r always open xx