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"he wants me in the bathroom stall"
1 years old
United States
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[music O_o]

music taste!!! -

She likes another boy - Oscar lang

Romantic lover - Eyedress

Freaks - Surf curse

My kind of woman - Mac Demarco

Nobody - Mitsuki

BrooklynBloodPop! - SyKo

Girl of my dreams - Guti

Maybe i was boring - Wilbur soot

Im in love with an E girl - Wilbur soot

The loser - Verzache

i was all over her - salvia palth

BEAMIN' - Quadeca

pissed - glaive

American idiot - Green day

tbh i dont like being social - luvlxckdown

Internet ruined me - Wilbur soot

Dream girl - Crisaunt

i think your really cool - guardin

Your new boyfriend - Wilbur soot

Teenage dirtbag - Wheatus

Stay with me - 1nonly

Always forever - Cults

Amor de siempre - Cuco

S0ul34t3r - carver

i wanna be your girlfriend - girl in red

Mrs. Magic - Strawberry guy

Girls in bikinis - Poppy

Your sister was right - Wilbur soot

You broke my heart - Current joys

i wanna slam my head against the wall - glaive

505 - Artic monkeys

Little bit - Lykke Li

Pretty when you cry - Lana del Ray

Money - The drums

Kids - Current joys

Lo que siento - Cuco

Living dead girl - Rob zombie

cloak n dagger - glaive

MONTERO - Lil nas x

af1 - lilbubblegum

wsnoieubn this took a lot of time ahah i promise you i like more songs</3 but im lazy :P byebye<8

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