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"he wants me in the bathroom stall"
1 years old
United States
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[i love them sm>_<]

omg them!!

ah where do i begin?!?!?

its like 12am what im i doing..

god i love them sm, i just get butterflies when i talk to them.
i feel like it's just the two of us in the whole world madly in love<3

just take a look at my bf<88

i blush so hard whenever i talk to them,like just come over and let's get married already</3...

i know im young but i love you:]

i actually didn't know how important you would mean to me.

we just started fake dating like best friends then we slowly fell in love,it was like we were already dating.

ucrexincemorjxm ILYYYYYYY<<<333

heh, i remember this one time when he asked me if i liked being choked and said right away "WAIT NO FORGET I SAID ANYTHING UM BEY"

i do have a choking kink yes but in that moment i wanted too make out with him lol

kk goodnightO_o<8

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