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"social cues? idk her"
20 years old
United States
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slight dehydration i guess

i get to a point a lot of times where i listen to a specific song/album/playlist/etc. and that shit just... loses its emotional intensity? i don't quite know how to describe it but "stale" works for now

listening to music is (probably) my main coping mechanism, especially in the cases of goddamn MEN

(it literally takes me ages to get over breakups and this music probably isn't really helping there but also... it does help)

what's wild about my college dorm is the sink is too fucking shallow to fit my water bottle in, so i always fill it up from the bathtub tap which is always nice and cold for some reason? anyways it's nice and better than having to wait for the water in the electric kettle to cool down

some nice things that happened today include: brownies in the college cafeteria, valentine's day cards from third graders, my taylor swift merch coming in the mail, and listening to sizzy rocket while doing my painting homework

in my headphones atm - "angels like you" by miley cyrus

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