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"social cues? idk her"
20 years old
United States
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more about me!

just an fyi, i am over 18 - if i make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any way, please let me know!
⋆ infp-t
⋆ i'm in college!
⋆ disaster bisexual
⋆ i spend way too much time on the internet
⋆ neurodivergent gang! ya girl here has adhd lol
⋆ my favorite color is purple (if that wasn't obvious already)
⋆ i love music... so so much. i have a super sick cd collection.
⋆ my first language is american english (yeehaw) but i know a little spanish
⋆ i adore any and all aspects of visual/performing arts - choir, theater, photography... you name it.

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