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"idk what vibe i wanna give off so take this mess"
12 years old
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got any anime recommendations ?

i'll try to watch them after i finish great pretender , i'm on the final case and no game no life

anime's on my watch later list
demon slayer
the rest of blend s
love is war (it's long so any short anime's i'll watch first)
mahou shoujo madoka magica
no game no life zero

just know that super long anime's ex ; naruto are on my list for super later
also mha i will be watching or start being open about watching if when the community is better . i know that danganronpa fandom is toxic but i can't hide that i'm in the fandom .

also please let me know what it's about and if i can watch it infront my strict parents

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i definitely recommend youjo senki (saga of tanya the evil), assassination classroom, aoharu x kikanjuu, and hamefura?
those are some i can list off the top of my head that i enjoyed!! oh oh!! check out umm boogiebop wa waranai (i think it was called?) it's kind of gore-y but since you've watched danganronpa it may not be as bad? yeAh
i may come back with more recommendations🏃‍♀️


Parasyte, its on netflix and pretty short, its not super gory but it does have limbs stretching/falling off/splitting in half so if your parents arent ok with that don't watch it in front of them


wonder egg priority, funnimation, very short, its not really gory just disturbing...ok i guess its a little gory but not much. It has distorted faces and blood. I dont really know how to describe the plot without spoiling anything