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"i am not a human, but a concept"
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i love food.

i just ate the best gorditas ever😩😩 istg they looked so scrumtious and juicy i had to hold myself back from absolutely demolishing them in one bite. man my mouth was watering and OMFG THE TASE them mfs tasted so gd good isgt if food could make you come this would be it😩😩 it was like biting into heaven yall😭😭istg on that first bite i felt my will to live come back to me, i flew out of the chair and i ascended to the heavens😩i ate them with some pico de gallo and omg it was the best food ive ever had, next to tortillas from Felipes😫 and my ungrateful ass sibling didnt want theirs and they were complaining ab some mf onions😐 but thats totally fine bc i got their food😏

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