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"i am not a human, but a concept"
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The meaning of life (i think?)

Do you know what the meaning of life is? Death. The meaning of life is death, as it is the only thing of importance to humans. We live our lives the way we do because we are aware that our time here on this plane of existence is limited. However, existance in itself is pointless. Your existence serves no purpose, as everything is meaningless. By continuing to ask "why" you will come to the conclusion, that there is no "why", everything is simply meaningless. But that does not mean that there is no beauty in life, as something can be beautiful even without a meaning.

yeah that was my daily existencial crisis lol anyways gn yall

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omg wth 200 Fwiends??

HJJDSKDL tysm yall i never actually expected to get this many fwiends this is so cool :D
ahggh idk what else to say but thanks lmaoo


suffocating in the construct of gender

hELp i cannot 4 the life of me figure out what pronouns i wanna use. like i just dont feel like a girl or a boy but at the same time i do?? like what even is the point with gender?? were literally just brains driving a skeleton in a bag of flesh on a floating rock in space why does it matter if i have a cooch or a dick other than reproductive reasons??? "well just go by they them pronouns then", it just doesnt feel right but at the same time it does, like ig im more comfy with they/them but at the same time im not??? yk what fuck it ill just go by he/she/they this is too complicated 4 me


i love food.

i just ate the best gorditas ever😩😩 istg they looked so scrumtious and juicy i had to hold myself back from absolutely demolishing them in one bite. man my mouth was watering and OMFG THE TASE them mfs tasted so gd good isgt if food could make you come this would be it😩😩 it was like biting into heaven yall😭😭istg on that first bite i felt my will to live come back to me, i flew out of the chair and i ascended to the heavens😩i ate them with some pico de gallo and omg it was the best food ive ever had, next to tortillas from Felipes😫 and my ungrateful ass sibling didnt want theirs and they were complaining ab some mf onions😐 but thats totally fine bc i got their food😏

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dni if you are/do any of the following:
-dont support blm
-an incel
-transphobic/super str8(ew.)
-support alm
-a part of "the boys🥶🥶"(your parents dont give you enough attention and it shows)
-make or laugh at rape jokes
-fetishize ppl of a specific ethnicity/race/sexuality
-pro life

basically, if you discriminate against any oppressed group etc: dont interact with my page, you disgust me❤

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my teacher had a power point that we had to read, but he left it so that anyone can edit it, so i put in my offer with the brownies at the end of the presentation, and to spice it up a bit, i also put a pic of a f boy emoji (i may also have called him shawty, but thats besides the point)
istg if i dont get a 10 on this test im gonna cry

edit: got the test back today and i got a 9, which was way better than i expected

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we have a test like tomrrow and i havent studied like at all. a bich is relying on subliminals at this point bc theres no way in hel that im learning whateverweresupposedtolearn rn.
anyways, pray for me yall💀

edit: thinking ab bribing my teacher with brownies

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