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"I'm too paranoid 2 be sad"
18 years old
United States
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taste in men n clothes

Let's start with my taste in men, shall we? We all know im gay but for whom ?
> The taller and lankier the more I'm in love
> Icy blue or pitch black irises are mwah
> Emo or gothic (or dresses like one)
> I like older mens oops
> Accidentally attracted to other INTJs
That's p much it ..... obv I do have other preferences but these r the main ones :>
Let's move onto my taste in fashion:
> Black and white/gray striped long sleeved shirts are bomb
> Dark turtlenecks (I have a black and dark gray striped turtleneck and I LUV it)
> A lot of techwear/streetwear stuff
> Some scene/rave fashion (solid color or graphic tee underneath tank top) (Tripp pants and phat pants) (a ton of bracelets)
> Rings ^_^
Thx for reading ! I'll spare u of my rambling

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