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"I'm too paranoid 2 be sad"
18 years old
United States
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Learning a new language

English is my first language, but I'm able to understand (Brazilian) Portuguese.
Recently tho I've started to study Indonesian (using lessons on Duolingo (which DOES help dw) and Memrise).
"Why Indonesian?" Well.. to be honest I was reminded that Indonesia even existed because of Hololive ID.. oops ;^_^
But because I realized that I have forgotten, I felt like I needed to learn the language, as if to spread awareness (towards no one bc I have no friends T_T) but also because the language seemed pretty easy to learn (easier than BR-PT that's for sure).
If I were to become somewhat fluent in Indonesian (using another method other than mere language apps) (and learn more about their culture) not only could I understand what the Hololive ID idols are saying during streams, but I could even take a trip to Indonesia with confidence!
I'm currently still a beginner, but wish me luck! =)

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yay i Hope you luck friend