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Bitches that could run me over

At the top of the list there is Tsuyu Asui my beloved, do i even have to explain why shes my number one waifu?
Then theirs Momoe Sawaki,i think i have a thing for the innocent best girls-
Next up is Fuyumi Todoroki, again do i have to explain.
And then theres Himiko Toga, just wow.
Touka Kirishima, oh come on you need at least one edgy girl to simp for.
Rikka Takanashi, edgy but adorable and reasonably innocent.
Ymir, i mean just listen to her letter to historia, why wouldn't you want to marry that woman.

   I don't simp for Niki but if she ran me over, stepped on me, threw me off a 
                       bridge idec i'd just thank her :D
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