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"I will take a potato chip and eat it! >:}"
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Mha (watching S5)


Howls moving castle

kiki's delivery service

the promised neverland

love, chunibiyo and more delusions


no game no life

a silent voice

saiki k

asterisk war

spirited away

a whisker away

death note

demon slayer

kiss him not me

wonder egg priority

this art club has a problem

miss kobayashi's dragon maid

yuri on ice

Yarichin :'c

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

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Bitches that could run me over

At the top of the list there is Tsuyu Asui my beloved, do i even have to explain why shes my number one waifu?
Then theirs Momoe Sawaki,i think i have a thing for the innocent best girls-
Next up is Fuyumi Todoroki, again do i have to explain.
And then theres Himiko Toga, just wow.
Touka Kirishima, oh come on you need at least one edgy girl to simp for.
Rikka Takanashi, edgy but adorable and reasonably innocent.
Ymir, i mean just listen to her letter to historia, why wouldn't you want to marry that woman.

   I don't simp for Niki but if she ran me over, stepped on me, threw me off a 
                       bridge idec i'd just thank her :D
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Do you like the Dream SMP?

If you like the dream smp this video is for you!!!


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Now let's talk about our health.

So this is a weird subject to blog about but there is a reason for this.
I've lasted 2 full days with only 30 minutes sleep. Please don't be like me. Please drink enough water, stay hydrated (not just on drinks such as coffee, monster etc.) , make sure your eating enough so please don't starve yourself and make sure your not locked up inside all day - make sure your getting enough fresh air! As for me i have found i don't feel motivated enough to start the day and i'll just lie there on my phone until i get shouted at to get up. I'm now trying to get out of this habit. I also started skipping breakfast and now it's almost a special day when i actually do, i'm now underweight and trying to eat more. This is the reason i made a blog on health, because my life started to go downhill when i stopped caring about my mental and physical health. So please remember that you need to make sure you are eating enough, drinking water and getting enough sleep as there is so much to look forward to in life. C:

(if you ever need somebody to talk to contact my discord: Kur0mi#3757

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