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The other side of heaven

I really want to be as delicate as I can when I say that 2020 (all things considered) had been really kind to me in most aspects.
Yes, I'm unemployed for almost a year now, and my financial situation could be better, could be worse to so I'm counting my blessings harder than Count Von Count.
Other than that all the free time really did wonders for my career.

Let me back it up a bit for people who don't know me. Since I was 15 (too many years ago) I wanted to be a musician, that dream later evolved into wanting to be a music producer, for many years that dream took a back sit to.. well, to life really. I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you that being a musician is a tough gig, but despite of everything I kept at it, got my music producer diploma, and after I got divorced I really had the time and freedom to invest my all into it. Up until the whole COVID thing happened, my music ambitions have been progressing slowly but surely, since I had to keep a day job so I can eat and keep a roof over my head, I got a few projects done here and there but nothing to major.

Since me and almost 1M other people in my country lost their jobs to this pandemic I found myself with nothing but glorious free time! I got so much done it's unbelievable! I wrote a book (to be published soon), started DMing again (D&D5e) for 3 different teams I'm hosting online, I built my new recording studio, started NoSit Records, recorded and produced over 15 new songs and things are going amazing!!

However things are starting to grind to a halt a bit, since I'm at home all day and night one lockdown after another and Evrything is closed. I'm starting to find it hard to draw on new inspiration, artists usually get ideas from the world around them and well, thers bearly a world out there to speak of. My ideas are running dry...
It's funny, that now I have all this time to work on my own music but I'm frash out of material to write about. Music I can do with no problem, lyrics however keep evading me. I'm currently working on a new song it's going great I just can't seem to get inspired enough to find the lyrics.
Any ideas anyone?

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