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the shifitng diaries ! entry 1 !

entry 1:

i've been trying to shift for like a month??? now im not sure. obviously I took a rest in between each time that I tried but... I haven't been close except for the first time that I tried.

I think it's because I meditated the afternoon before trying to shift?! idk really. But the first time the I tried I had this kind of out of body experience?! it was so weird bc I saw kinda like a white like (and I have aphantasia so that's something) and I feel thingies all over my body to the point that I almost didn't feel my body. I think I was trying something similar to the raven method (ill explain the raven methods in another entry!)

however ive been trying for 3 days straight and so far I just managed to like say a lot of affirmations and kinda like fall asleep then kinda wake up again saying affirmations, so I guess it's a good thing that I have it so present ???

imma take a break for a few days and meditate to increase positive vibrations, maybe that'll help.

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