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f41ry_b0y's Blog

"4tt3nti0n wh0r3"
14 years old
United States
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abt me

name: nico
i am a minor so dont be too weird? pls?

gender: nonbinary(enby)/transmasculine

timezone: pacific time zone

fav gay crime: arson

pronouns: he/him+they/them**i do use neos,, if u wanna know my other pronouns/names>>https://pronouny.xyz/u/gr1m.b0y

attraction: unlabeled/aroace and ambiamorous
(i have one partner)

enneagram/mbti/zodiac/chart alignment: 7w8,enfp,virgo,chaotic neutral

interests: skating,dance,death note(my fav anime),making personal playlists,astrology,crimes,witchcraft,past life regression,psychology,vampires,rock/alt music,alternative subcultures

hyperfixations rn: deathnote,sweeney todd,heathers,mlp,bones,kins,danganronpa,kandi making,tame impala,the neighbourhood,myspace,vampcore,genshin impact,among us,mushrooms,etc.

i do need tone indicators, but dont over do it bc i feel like u would be infantilizing me

random stuff:
-i have a huge RBF so im told im intimidating a lot when one of my top goals is to be catboy :/
-extreme mood swings
-i have a superiority + inferiority complex combo
-i flirt w ppl on accident
-i will laugh at almost anything
-i get mad/irritated over small issues
-i cant spell, thats it
-im 5'4'' >:)
-huge warning to anyone that is not comfortable w swearing, inappropriate jokes, or trauma humor bc i use all of them to cope sorry
-i am incredibly easy to distract so if i dont reply to u, im not ignoring u, just distracted!

**before you interact: i do have rejection sensitive dysphoria and kind of extreme attachment issues so keep that in mind pls! i apologize if that makes u uncomfortable but its just how i am

fav fav songs: grand finale {studio killers}
busted and blue {gorillaz}
w.d.y.w.f.m {the neighbourhood}
cry baby {destroy boys}
voulez-vous {abba}
im not a vampire {falling in reverse}
other side of paradise {glass animals}
body {mother mother}
bang bang bang bang {sohodolls}
body terror song {ajj}
electrical {bali baby}
sick shit {together pangea}
1999 she {deaton chris anthony}
ur so creepy {ghost town}
friends {chase atlantic}
meant to be yours {heathers the musical}
claws {charli xcx}
snowcone {rei ami}
feel better {penelope scott}

here r sum of my ocs incase ur interested or mayhaps wanna draw em**give me character credit if u do pls!!

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